• Are Dipping Powders sanitary?

    Yes, dipping powders are sanitary. They do not provide an environment that bacteria can survive in. In order for bacteria to survive and spread it must be in a moist environment. The powder will not retain moisture in the jar and therefore does not create an unsanitary environment. Dipping system...
  • Are Rossi Nails brushes vegan?

    Yes. All brushes contain synthetic bristles.
  • Are Rossi Nails products tested on animals?

    No, Rossi Nails products have not been tested on animals and do not include any ingredients tested on animals.
  • Can Gel Polish cure without a UV or LED lamp?

    No, it will not work and we would not recommend it. We strongly advice you to get a UV lamp or an LED lamp.
  • Can I receive trial samples before purchasing Rossi Nails products?

    No. Sadly, we are unable to send out samples of our products prior to purchase.
  • Can we use the Rossi Bye Bye Gel to remove the Rossi Glam Powders?

    No, we do not recommend using Rossi Bye Bye Gel to remove Rossi Glam Powder. This is recommended only for removing Gel Polish. The best way to remove Glam Powder is by soaking off your nails.
  • Can you remove Dip Nails at home?

    First, sand off Rossi Top Coat shine on all nails. Soak some cotton balls with acetone and wrap them around your fingertips. Wrap the cotton with the aluminium foil pieces and wait 10-15 minutes until dip powder is removed. Finally, nourish your nails! Apply cuticle oil along your cuticles and ...
  • Does Rossi Nails have any giveaway?

    We run different giveaways during the year. Don’t forget to follow us on social media( Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Pinterest, TikTok) and keep an eye on us!
  • Do Rossi Nails products have an expiration date?

    Yes, all of our products have the expiration date mentioned on the packaging.
  • Extra hints

    DIP POWDER TIPS&TRICKS Shake and roll -dip powders tend to separate over time. You should shake well dipping powder jar before use. Storing them upside down can also help.  Buff off - if you mess up with your top gel, you don’t have to start over. You can just buff off the top gel layers, ap...
  • How do you apply Dip Powder?

    Dip powder application is super easy, you can do it at the comfort of your home! Step 1: Spick & Span! Get your hands and nails clean! Nothing special, just soap and water will do. Also, get rid of all traces of old nail polish, if you’ve just removed it.  Step 2: Cuticles & File...
  • How do you do Gel Polish at home?

    Doing your nails at home has never been easier, follow these easy steps and you will be enjoying a long-lasting, flawless manicure! Step 1: Apply a thin coat of Gel Polish Base Coat down the center of the nail and then to each side. Step 2: Cure 30 seconds in Rossi UV LED Professional Lamp. ...
  • How long does Dip Powder last?

    With correct application, following our instructions, you can expect 3 weeks of durable wear.
  • How many layers of Gel Polish do I need for best coverage?

    This will depend on the shade and personal preference. Most shades need 2 coats, but some people prefer 3 coats on lighter shades. Some of the colours cover fine in just one coat and you may want to use only one coat for a more natural look.
  • How many sets can be done from one jar of Dip Powder?

    Approximately 20-30 sets, depending on the length of the nail and how much product is being used.
  • I am experiencing lifting, what’s happening?

    If you are experiencing lifting you are probably not using enough Activator. Activator is what cures the powder. You need to make sure you apply to the front edge of the nail. If the front edges are not capped, lifting can occur.
  • Is there an easier way to remove Gel Polish than foil method?

    Yes, the most effective method to remove Gel Polish is using Rossi Bye-Bye Gel. It makes the removal process so much easier. Just buff the top coat, apply Rossi Bye-Bye Gel & the nail surface will peel off after 5 minutes.
  • What consistency should my Top Coat be?

    The consistency it’s quite runny, which means it will apply quite thin. You should apply it twice for a glossy shine. We would even recommend you to apply a third thin coat, for a super high shine.
  • ➤ What Is Dip Powder?

    Dip Powder is a healthier alternative to acrylics and gel polish. A dip manicure is a mix between traditional nail polish and gels. It's a combination of a glue liquid and powder that hardens when it hits the air. Unlike traditional manicures, a powder manicure holds up for a full three weeks. ...
  • What’s the difference between a UV lamp and an LED lamp?

    A LED lamp can cure gel polish in 30-60 seconds. The light bulbs last the lifetime of the lamp and never have to be replaced. A UV lamp cures gel polish in 2-3 minutes. Light bulbs in UV lamps do have to be replaced periodically.
  • What’s the difference between Gel Polish and Dip Powder?

    One main difference is that nail dips get their colour from powders that are “activated” using a liquid activator. Also, a huge pro is the fact that you don’t need to cure your nails using UV light. A dip mani lasts as much as acrylic nails but it has way more benefits: is gentler to your nails...
  • Where do I find out more info about a product?

    The best place to find out every bit of info on our products is on their individual product pages. Or you can write us an email at We’ll be happy to assist!
  • Why does my polish change colour sometimes after a few days?

    UV light can fade nail polish, so if you spend a lot of time in the sun this can fade the polish. Also, avoid products containing DEET that can be found in many sun creams. DEET fades polish quicker than sun and can give a very patchy effect. Make sure you wash your hands and nails after using th...
  • Why doesn’t my Gel Polish have a shiny finish?

    If you don't succeed to have a shiny finish, it could mean your LED lamp wasn’t on or you didn’t leave your nails under the lamp for long enough. It may also mean the inside reflector surface of the LED lamp needs cleaning.
  • Will Rossi Nails products harm my nails?

    No. The only way you could damage your nails is if you buff them too hard, either before you apply it or when you’re removing it.