Extra hints


  • Shake and roll -dip powders tend to separate over time. You should shake well dipping powder jar before use. Storing them upside down can also help. 
  • Buff off - if you mess up with your top gel, you don’t have to start over. You can just buff off the top gel layers, apply activator, then reapply your top gel. 
  • Dip technique- always dip at a 45 degree angle and pull straight back out. Do not push the nail against the powder.
  • Brush technique - you always brush parallel to the nail for ensure the bristles don’t poke.
  • Keep your layers thin - you can do this by making sure you apply the liquids thin and dust off excess powder in between layers. This will keep your nails looking natural while still allowing you to do at least three layers.
  • Keep them perfectly - store them in a cool environment away from heat & direct sunlight. If you don’t do that, the dipping base and dipping activator will be difficult to open.


  • Preper the nails- gel polish needs a clean, dry surface to adhere to in order to last. Start by gently pushing back your cuticles. File your nails to the desired shape. Don't leave uneven edges because it will cause adhesion issues.
  • Shake gel polish- if you shake your gel polish before you use it, you will have an easier and more even application.
  • Use thin layers- gel polish has a slightly different consistency than most nail polish. You don’t need as much gel polish on your brush as you would with regular nail polish so use thin layers.
  • Cap the free edge- when using gel polish, it’s important to cap the free edge. Paint the end of the nail after you have painted the actual nail part of the nail. It will prevent the gel polish from lifting.
  • Completely cover the color- when you are applying top coat, make sure that you completely cover the color with the top coat. You still need to avoid the cuticles and nail edges, but do cover all of the color.

For more tutorials on how to use Dip Powders and Gel Polish, check our our YouTube channel HERE!

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