➤ Can I cancel my order?

You can request order cancellation in maximum 2 hours after you made the placing order. After this time, our system processes it so you will have to wait to receive it and return it to get your money back.
We use a 24 Hours Integrated fulfilment system (IFS) meaning that once you place an order, our colleagues from the Warehouse Department receive the information and start to process your order.
If you still want to cancel your order after 2 hours, this is possible but you should wait for your package to be delivered. Our customer service department is busy at that time, **please wait patiently until your order isdelivered,**then contact us for cancellation & refund.

Our mission

Our customers happiness is our #1 priority and we would appreciate if you give us the chance to improve our services, by letting us know the reason of the cancellation.

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